Gay dating phone numbers

18-Apr-2019 20:57

In the world of gay dating, the three-day rule is this: wait three days after your first date before you call.

It seems simple enough, until you start to think about it. This isn’t one of those “sound at its core” pieces of dating lore, it’s utter nonsense and ought to be treated as such.

Arbitrary rules can make things more stressful than they need to be.

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This can all translate into feelings of pressure to couple up.Give it an hour or so and then text: “I had a great time tonight,” or something along those lines. It’s the perfect way to let them know you a) had a great time and b) indicate that you would be interested in another date. If your date is more concerned with the number of days or hours you waited before phoning him, you’re well quit of him. So, if you’re looking for something to replace the three-day rule, here’s my tuppence: Text messages. Registered as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, Rachel advocates a professional matchmaking approach based on psychological principles and professional consultation.

Instead of calling your date one, two, three days later, send them a text message after you’ve parted company. Now, instead of spending three days stressing about their level of interest, you know. Rachel also sits on the Board of Advisors for the Matchmaking Institute.If you find yourself consistently in these patterns, perhaps you are, as the song goes, In the old days, when I was coming out, being gay had more of an outlaw quality.

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